Lauren Cannon
Graphic Design

Know the Signs Case Study

Graphic Design, Motion Design, Content Creation

While working at Civilian, I was asked to condense a recent campaign into a case study. Working with two fellow employees - one in digital, the other in accounts - we set out to create a short, descriptive, graphical video, illustrating the success of “Know the Signs”.

After researching the campaign and the e ects it had on the target market, we went to work on writing a script. We chose to work in the color scheme visual style of the campaign, itself, and emphasize the positive results of the otherwise stigmatized subject matter. Our rest few rounds were rejected by the creative director, and the ones that followed were heavily edited. The nal script lead to the story board, which eventually lead to the completed project.

Side note: the voice-over actor in this video is my dad, Jeff Cannon.